Talking about Chromium, surely every young people in Tasikmalaya know it as a new catch up spot for food and coffee lover. Chromium, was a born by the coffee lovers, so back to the history it was made to provide the coffee lover a brand new catch up spot in industrial concept. But, catch up spot never been completed without something that makes customer feel full and enjoy, that is why the Chromium as the ‘coffeeshop and eatery’ switched their name as ‘eatery and artspace’.

The idea of Chromium has been stated since 2016, but our eatery place still on going project. We are really hope that it will run by the end of March, 2017. As the chromium team, we really want to thank you for all the beloved customer who have been waiting for so long.

We hope you have a memorable experiences in visiting Chromium.

Full and Enjoy, for sure.


Chromium Team


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